With passion and purpose, we charter creative trajectories

As a creative studio, we take pride in our creative skills and exceptional quality because we truly love what we do. We value our clients as long-term collaborators and consider ourselves referral grown for this reason. Our success comes from creating meaningful work alongside strong client-studio partnerships. 

We are multidisciplinary. Our days are made colourful with creative direction, 3D visualisation, branding and web design.

We are wandering creatives. This means we'll meet you over coffee, for your favourite walk, on a bicycle, at your office or on Zoom.

We are a collective of core members and contractors. Whilst separated by time and space, we are united by our mission to create work we are proud of.

Our trajectory best aligns with those envisaging health and happiness for people and the planet. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

So who's flying 
this ship?

Muzd Khodaiji

Born into a city of dreams, Muzd became a dreamer. Imagination became inspiration, became creation. He would gaze up at the endless sky and see heroes take flight. He rode on a spaceship to get to school. His sketchbook and markers often his solace, tools to record his surroundings. Adventure called and the little boy always replied “Yes”.

As the boy matured, the imaginative spirit never did wane. Instead, it grew stupendous, consuming the boy and giving the world, an inventive man. For a decade, the man traversed the creative landscape, acquiring talent & wisdom anew – capturing, creating and breathing life to abundant visions.

New adventures constantly beckon the man, and the boy always replies ‘Yes”.

Anna Brady

Raised in a household of music and colour, Anna's imagination was fuelled by a symphony of movement and creativity. Her playfulness has remained true to her childhood spirit and her sense of bewilderment to light, life and motion has only grown bigger and stronger with each curious expression. 

As Anna learned to sculpt these colours and notes of creativity into her craft and career, every day still starts and ends with play. 
Whether deep in a forest or lost in her work, she is inspired by her adventurous life and has boundless energy. This feeds her art and light-hearted aesthetic as she strives to remind her audience to appreciate the joys in their own life and the natural world.