Innovation Precinct Brochure

Swinburne University of Technology


Design for web and print

Infographic design

The Innovation Precinct at Swinburne University were looking to develop a brochure, an interactive element, and a flyer to explain explain the available journeys to industry, staff and students looking to solve a problem or begin a start-up.


We decided to combine all pieces into one and emphasise that no two journeys will be the same. 


After receiving and gaining insights into the project and brief at hand, we started from the beginning; we defined what innovation is and what causes it? This helped us determine what sort of stimulus would lead people to the Innovation Precinct and why this resource would help them understand the opportunities at hand.

Image 1 below shows some development work we did to understand at which point in their innovation journeys people would and should come across this collateral item and what purposes it would satisfy.

From here, we researched devised three possible creative directions to explore including the maze below. Finally, it was decided that a linear journey with interactive items would best communicate the resources and opportunities at hand in a playful and clear way.

The final step was to refine! All content and graphic elements were brought together from sketch to final illustration to print-ready file.


Creative Direction

Stray Orbit