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Road bicycle with bright bike light


Social media campaign for Knog Blinder Road


+ Creative direction
+ 3D visualisation 
+ Design for social media


Stray Orbit were invited to collaborate with Knog to produce a dynamic social campaign for the relaunch of their highly successful classic bike light - The Blinder Road. We were tasked with creating a series of bold, type centric flow tiles that would entice user engagement and create a dynamic landing page during their promotional cycle.

"Our best performing social campaign of 2021 🔥"

Knog Digital Marketing Manager



Complimenting Knog's already clean product aesthetic, we paired the Blinder Road with a contemporary gravel bike to reinforce the idea that it was highly capable in every riding environment and situation. With texturing, scene creation, post production and design for web, the campaign came together smoothly and swiftly.

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