Our purpose.


We are a creative studio with passion and purpose.

We truly enjoy our work and take pride in our skills. Through Stray Orbit, we are constantly striving to build long-lasting client-studio partnerships which will result in projects to be proud of.

We believe creativity can contribute to a better world and understand it can foster better well-being, community resilience and spur important dialogue.

We know our wizard powers come with responsibility

Coming from an industry closely tied to marketing practices, we realise the power of influence. We strive to be more sustainably minded and to guide clients to make the most educated decisions possible.

We also aim to be better influencers by:

  • embracing local talented businesses and individuals for production of work or printing

  • cycling to work and meetings (unless it is bucketing with rain!)

  • avoiding print, digital, electronic, water and food waste (we seriously love compost)

  • living, breathing and speaking about our passion for regenerative sustainability

We love the idea of contributing to the world in a positive way and need collaborators and projects to do so.

If you have any questions or conversation starters, contact us by email.