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10 Reasons Why
Eko Energy Loves Redback


+ Creative direction (CG)
+ 2D Illustration
+ Motion Design


+ Katrin Humel & Vivi Feng


In 2018 Stray Orbit had the opportunity to work with Melbourne based smart energy systems provider Echo Group.


We were invited to create a short animated video to help them speak to new eko energy customers about the top 10 reasons why they love to pair their smart solar storage systems with the powerful Redback battery solution.


We had a splendid time imagining and illustrating how to showcase the many amazing features and benefits of this very capable battery storage system. We worked closely with talented motion designers Katrin Hummel (Brisbane) & Vivi Feng (Melbourne), to breathe life into this vision of a smart and sustainable home of today.

With as few strokes...

With each scene we endeavoured to tell the story in as few graphic and motion elements as possible. This was aimed to strike a perfect syncopation between copy, illustration and overall flow.